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Apple Devices might be sloppy or backdated for the android users but at some points Android users
Sucks pretty Hard to the Apple Users of Fanboys.

As an small example of an App for only iOS or Apple Devices : Facetime

Its an App where you can be in two places at the same time as per the app sayings
it is just basically a Video Calling app just like Skype or imo on Android Devices but
as a Android user myself i can say that there’s no other video calling app on neither Windows or Android
can beat this app its a totally different kind of app and as the UI is for Android the app runs flawlessly for
the iOS devices and not just me there are loads of other android users too who havent really saw such a great
app on iOS devices for communication it Robusts the camera of the devices so that they can be crystal clear
and the sound is great and no matter if your connection is slow or sloppy Facetime will never interrupt you or
make you down because this app is actually something you really want to check once if you have a iOS near
your hands and compare with the other communication apps you use.

We are here giving you the app for the iOS devices now on Android but without any complicated softwares
or scripting you just open and run it and it runs like a charm on every android devices on the market right now
we are giving Facetime for android and that also for free generally the original software is paid on the apple store
but here as we dont own the software so we are here giving away the facetime for android for free totally and thus
you can now Enjoy the Best Video Communication app now on your Mobiles.

facetime on android

Now Download Facetime for windows too there are 2 download buttons below
one is Facetime for android and another is for windows just choose your suitable device and get started
with it and bring some loads of fun to your phone while talking to others eye to eye.


This App is totally free to use if anyone asks money for this app please dont give them
redirect them to here and let them Download it for free!


This App is totally ad free so you wont really get any bullshit ads on your screen while youre facetiming and also this facetime for android app is soon going to be released on the official Playstore of Google so keep and eye there and as now its unofficial you dont need to worry still you will be getting weekly auto updates to keep you ahead with the latest software technology we have in stock and also the facetime for android app runs smoothly and flawlessly on any android device you name it and it works like a charm and as this is a version for android still your data will be kept on the official app makers of the Facetime app which means if still youre using it on android your chat or video calling history all will be kept on the official iOS servers which makes it more valuable as you may have seen other converted apps to android which doesnt really works well and this app is totally different from it you will have the exact ios app on android with the exact same features as seen on the ios it will be given on both the facetime for android version and as time flies soon you will see this app on the top of the Google Playstore chart for communication and video calling and soon as on ios this facetime on android is gonna be the bawss very soon.